The flow of your home is not working, but you don’t know exactly what it is or what to do.  Is it the furniture arrangement, the colors, the clutter, or do you just need some help organizing your entire home or office space? Together we will go thru your space and I will offer ideas and advice based on how you and your family live or how your office operates.




Clearing space and the mind. The problem normally is not that we purchase things, the problem comes when we continue to purchase things and don’t take the time to eliminate items we are no longer using. These items could be clothing, shoes, books, electronics, accessories, etc.…… When eliminate the items that no longer serve purpose in our lives, we free up space for the NOW. Where are you mentally, emotionally, spiritually in your life at this moment? What are you likes and dislikes? What’s your current style choices? What are you looking to achieve? These are some of the questions we ask our clients when starting the process of decluttering and ones we would love to ask you while helping to declutter your space and clear you mind and spirit of negative energy.

Taking the items you already have and making it easier to find and see exactly what you have. By organizing the things in your life, you can save money because you are not buying items multiple times, you can clearly find what you are looking for quickly, you save space, time, and energy, and you live a more stress free life because you are more in control of the things you use on a daily basis. The hardest part sometimes, is knowing where to start. Take back your life and your sanity by letting us come in and help with all your organizational needs. Whether residential or commercial, no project is too big and too small. We provide expertise, mediation, and balance.


decoration & redesign


Sometimes all you need are a few pieces to bring a room together. I can reinvent your everyday surroundings to create the space of your dreams that fits your budget. We will work together to design a space unique to you, incorporating your own treasured objects as well as shopping for new fresh pieces as needed to unify your space. I offer color consultations and furniture rearrangement as part of my design process. Decorating your space can be fun as I guide and assist you with shaping your new surroundings to reflect your personality.

Whether staging for selling, staging for living, or staging for a particular event or holiday, we are here to help. Staging for selling allows you to show your space in the best light for potential buyers, making it more competitive with other homes on the market and may help you sell your property quicker. We work with homeowners and Realtors to ensure a smooth transition from home, to house, to the best marketable product. When staging for living, you are able to have a beautiful, warm, and inviting space, while still living a more minimalistic lifestyle. Staging doesn’t have to be cold and uninviting, and we would love to help you see the beauty in your home for every season and occasion.